Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A&E Television - Arts and Entertainment

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A&E Television

     The purpose of this blog is to assist GoogleTV users by providing a centralized location for available Web sites which interact with GoogleTV. Each time a new link is added, the beginning of the latest blog will be updated to contain hyperlinks to all reviewed stations. Please feel free to bookmark and subscribe to this blog if you are interested in a one stop location for all your GoogleTV needs with easy to access hyperlinks.

     As this is the first post to this blog, Arts and Entertainment (aka A&E) television seems like an excellent first site to review. The site has been enhanced to better interface with GoogleTV. A&E is an excellent network with several popular shows available. Here are some hyperlinks to many of A&E's available shows:

          A&E alone can provide hours of entertainment with something for everyone. Please feel free to subscribe for up to date links for GoogleTV users.

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